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Ingredients: wine, sugar, alcohol, natural flavors. Contains sulfites. Produced and bottled in Italy. Produced and bottled in Piedmont (Italy).


The name comes from the German “wermut”, the aromatic herb used to produce it: Artemisia absinthium. Born in Turin in 1786, as a subalpine evolution of the millennial tradition of flavored wines, only 231 years later, on 22.3.2017 the disciplinary “Turin Vermouth” was made official.

Ducal Vermouth

The Ducal Vermouth Duke Vittorio Amedeo III of Savoy was enthusiastic about the product born in the Marandazzo liqueur shop in Piazza Castello in Turin and its approval pushed its success throughout the Kingdom. At Corte the purchases of aromatized wine grew, appreciated even by Carlo Alberto (who is said to be abstainer), as well as by all the Kings and Presidents of the Council including Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour. The ancient and secret formula of Ducal Vermouth, jealously guarded, is a tribute to art, culture and history that can be felt by visiting every village in Piedmont.

The hour of Ducal Vermouth

A ritual born in Turin around 1880 is the basis of modern aperitifs and “apericena”. At the end of the working day, around 18.00, the appointment was in the many bars in the city, to celebrate a goal achieved, meet with colleagues, find friends. Still today, in the programs of the official celebrations in Piedmont, it is possible to find the “Honor Vermouth”, offered as a tribute to the most prestigious guests.

How to taste Ducale

Smooth, with large ice cubes, and a lemon zest. Or as an ingredient behind the best cocktails.



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